Data Science Journey, Entry #4

This week I’ve put in place a much more rigorous study regimen with time set aside in the morning and after work in the evening. It’s been a little tricky getting started but it has been really positive so far and I can already feel the positive impacts of having it scheduled from Monday to Thursday. The other three days I will leave to my more traditional approach of not setting a specific time but spending some time doing it everyday. I think perhaps, this methodology of having time to study in the morning and in the evening is, in general, the best approach. Trying to fit too much into one session can you just be overwhelming and ultimately not that useful or effective as a studying process.

As for what I’m studying, I may have mentioned this previously, but they are as follows:

  • Financial Markets
  • Mathematics Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Programming with Python

Other than that I’ve been looking at data relating to the financial markets as my friend and I have been discussing the possibility of a Financial crash. See the graph below which encapsulates most of that discussion, and what that fear of a crash is based on.

The growth of housing loans since COVID began is astounding.

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