Data Science Journey, Entry #5

Another week passes and it’s hard to say that there has been clear work on Data Science goals, however I have been continuing my progress on my refresher course on Python via It’s been a great tool to go over concepts that I learnt when I first studied Python about 3 years ago. Although, it must be said that their way of teaching is much clearer and I do feel that I’m able to grasp the concepts much easier and thus able to utilise them as I interact with the tools that they introduce and my imagination, I’m able to think of different ways to use the tools that they explore. It’s actually rather extraordinary.

I also continue my studies on both Financial Markets and Mathematical fundamentals of Data Science which both (perhaps obviously) have a lot of overlap with Data Science study and help me understand what we can do with data, how it can be worked, and it’s practicality in the real world.

And finally I’m on the hunt for an interesting data project to work on for the month of August that I could publish for my article in September. That’ll be my first analytical piece that focuses on a data-oriented project instead of using the analysis of others to fuel my own piece.

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