Data Science Journey Entry #6

Since last week I have almost completed the Brilliant Course on Python, I would have probably have finished it this morning if I did not have a training course at work that demanded a good amount of time from myself. At any rate, I’m hoping to complete it by this evening. Other than that I’ve been preparing for my work-related training course that is happening this week and university to begin next week as I dive deep again into the world of regimented learning where marks are everything and a whole lot less of this learn as you go utopia that I’ve been inhabiting for the past couple of weeks.

In terms of what I’ve been learning with my Python course, it has been the basics but it has been really instructive as they go through the foundations and really try to get you to understand concepts fully and then apply them yourself, handholding you through the way and then letting you go freely as you all of a sudden have to apply what you have learnt. It’s a really great methodology that seeks to teach you the fundamentals and hold you as you do so and then says: “Okay, you got it now right ? Now, show me”. The answer is sometimes; “Yes, I do have this down.” But more often it’s a “I’m actually only 60% of the way there, I need to go back over this”.

The program begun with some interesting drawing with the classic turtle exercises as we learnt to draw a flower, we then proceeded to go over some string manipulation and the uses of function, methods and some other key concepts related to it. Finally, we’ve been looking at mathematical algorithms and how we can use those. To be sure, it is not all inclusive, for example, they haven’t touched classes or anything the like, but it has still been good to dive into this world again, and it has been making me wonder if I should be making coding part of my everyday life in order to stay abreast of it all and not get complacent and slow when it comes to coding.

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