Data Science Journey Entry #7

This week marks my third week back at University for Semester 2. I’m doing two subjects, one on Statistics and the other on Databases. They have both been pretty interesting thus far, although they are challenging, especially this week as Statistics begins to take a turn and look at a wide variety of complex formulae and related graphical plot types. Learning how to and when and why to use which graph with which formula on which situation is beginning to make my head turn. Although I must say it is good to learn. In Databases on the other hand we are beginning to jump into the world of SQL and to understand its underpinnings in Relational Algebra.

Other than that, I have finished my Python course in Brilliant and am continuing to progress in my Financial Markets course as well as my studies in the mathematical foundations of Data Science Course. Something which has been really underrated. The value of understanding the maths as a baseline is really useful and understanding functions and curve at a base level has been exceptionally useful.

I’m looking at some free and vast data sets online and will be working on a little project this weekend. I’m thinking about a data set that looks at historical homicide rates in Australia and seeing how I can best visualise it and what I can learn from the data there.

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