Data Science Journey Entry #9

Last week I began work on a small exercise where I would log my mood in the morning and in the afternoon, as well as the amount of Sun I was exposed to, and finally if I exercised or not and the intensity of that exercise. I essentially wanted to chart what trends would be evident from this activity. I intend to ultimately play with the Data in R., but this week I’ll use a Regression Analysis to show what corollaries I am able to find. At this stage, it appears rather evident that there is a jump in mood on the weekend, working from home isn’t that exciting. There also appears to be a correlation with sun exposure, exercise and afternoon mood.

At any rate, I’m planning to use this data for my Analytical piece next week which I’ll publish next month. I am intending on using my own data and looking at similar works done by those on the internet to see what they have found and what conclusions I could reasonably draw from the experience as a whole. On the whole, I suspect this is really an exercise of the mind given that all of this data is self-taken and so is easily manipulated but I suppose that is the point, it’s a perception of mood and sun-exposure and exercise intensity by the person doing the analysis, which is insightful in its own way.

Other than that I am on my mid-semester break so it’s a great chance to catch up on study. I’m also working on my SQL group project which I should be getting close to finishing by next week. And finally, I’ve begin to use RemNote, which is software for taking notes and specifically, Flash Cards. A tool that is appearing really interesting and potentially life-changing academically, so I’m pretty excited to report to you next week about how that went.

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