Data Science Journey Entry #12

It’s been a big week of Statistics and Database study. My brain is somewhat filled with all things Database and Statistics, and with the gaps crammed in with work-related conversation about financial informations and regulations and deals. I began working on a Python program that will interact with an SQL database and a website to create an interactive booking platform. I’m doing this with two of my fellow students, with whom I previously drew up a Relational Schema, an Entity Relationship Diagram, corresponding SQL code and a justification for our decisions. My Python, I’m willing to say, is okay, I’ll give myself 2 stars on a professional rating. I know how to do it broadly but I certainly do not do it enough to be confident I can do this project with minimal assistance. So there’s more to practise it seems. Which is fine, right?

Other than that, my conversations with a variety of people in different Data Science roles has continued. My conversation last Monday with the Data Scientist is coming to be my ideal job. Creating algorithms and investigating data and subsequently determining what can be done with that in order to help business problems. It just seems like an ideal. I also spoke to someone who worked in a broader context of Data analysis and worked more in collaboration with mathematicians, Statisticians, Date Engineers, Data Analysts, Insights Analysts, Data Communicators, as well as a couple of others. Which is to say that he worked in a broader team and his role was in communication to clients as opposed to the granular details of Data work.

Both of these sounded really fascinating, they both peeked my interest. The former definitely did so more, as that sounded like quite a technical role, with more of that raw data work and Data analysis and data communication. Which, as I write this, causes me to consider that what I actually want is some marrying of Technical Data Analyst and Data Journalist. I love the storyteller energy of Data and that’s what motivates me the most. So that, is what I’m searching for.

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