Data Science Journey Entry #13

This week has been filled with rigorous learning and committing to memory the core concepts of my courses at University. Both in Data Base Management and Statistics. I’ve been using Remnote to list all of my notes on there so I can then add them to my daily ritual where I try to learn everything every day. It then just becomes part of my day where I’m studying, studying then, becomes part of my day, and my life and it just seems like a really phenomenal way to learn, and specifically, to remember.

So that has been my focus of my last week or so. That and the beginning of one of my assignments where I am writing python code to speak to a database so that I can then create a basic website application. It’s been difficult, but the process of learning seems fruitful although it does feel that we have really had to go out on a limb in order to understand how to write the necessary code. Saying that, it does seem to be precisely the idea, and there’s certainly a way to look at this as a positive, forcing me to learn this myself and figure it out.

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