Data Science Journey Entry #14

The learning continues as exam time and quiz time, more immediately, steadily marches towards me, or I towards it, I am unsure which way the directional arrow moves. Two small exams this Friday and two much, much larger exams in about three weeks mean that I am in full focus on that. Although, I must say that maintaining focus with work, moving house, and life all happening at the same time somewhat predictably has meant that I haven’t really spend much time studying over the past couple of days.

It is times such as these which serve as a frustrating reminder of the importance of consistency, I do in fact know this logically, however, implementing this in practise is another type of knowledge and awareness entirely. Despite of this frustration, I am immensely proud of my gains in knowledge and study and learning this semester, I really do feel like I’ve learnt so much, and that my learning this semester has been extremely fruitful. I’ve almost completed my Remnoting of my studies, which has essentially translated into true learning, that is to say, that it is the type of learning that is easy to come back to and remember. Essentially, it is whatever the opposite of modern academic education is, that vomit learning, that type of understanding where you know a topic in depth but as soon as the subject expires you just forget it all.

So that’s it. It’s all database management and inferential statistics. That’s then filled with work-knowledge and life and there’s just no space left.

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